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What is MTU Size and What Should I Set it to? - Home MTU stands for Maximum Transmission Unit. This is just one of many settings that you may have to adjust to fully optimize your router. The MTU size is a setting that determines the largest packet size that can be transmitted through your system. These packets are measured in octets, or eight-bit bytes. What is maximum transmission unit (MTU)? - Definition from Maximum transmission unit (MTU) determines the maximum payload size of a packet that is sent. The default standard value is 1500 bytes. However, you can increase the payload size of the packet, which allows you to send more data and increase the data transfer rates.

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Tap on the numbers to enter your new MTU value. The MTU value you choose will vary depending on your Internet connection. When using Cable Internet this is commonly 1500, and commonly 1492 for DSL

How to determine the optimal MTU and MSS size - Tips and The best value for MTU is that value just before your packets get fragmented. You can determine the optimal MTU size by using PING at a command prompt. Open a command prompt and type (start by using a value of 1472 which is equivalent to MTU size 1500): Ping www.peplink.com-f … Why the MTU size is 1500 ? - Cisco Community Nov 19, 2002 Interface MTU VS. IP MTU — The IT Networking Community but, I know that IP MTU and Interface MTU are default to same value as 1500 Byte. what I was confused about was "Why we had these two value, what is the purpose". I hve already read that article you listed here before even I post my article here, but still can't find answer to my previous question!