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English Speakers In Vietnam Got A Taste Of Censorship Over February 20, 2019, a few foreigners living both inside and outside of Vietnam were sharing the news that an English article published on the site VN Express was taken down before they could read it.. Some of them suspected that it was the state’s censorship or even the beginning of the enforcement of the new cybersecurity law.. As of press time, still, the link is not working. Facebook: Vietnam’s Fickle Partner-in-Crime – The Diplomat By capitulating to the censorship demands of the Vietnamese authorities, perhaps the social media giant also seeks to telegraph an important message to Beijing: It is willing and able to toe the Amazon®.com: Censorship in Vietnam: Brave New World eBook

Facebook 'Complicit' in Vietnam Censorship: Amnesty

"Censorship in Vietnam is rich, poignant, and comes complete with perspectives from both sides of the fight, the censors and the censored . . . Most interesting, still, are Bass’s conversations with the Vietnamese editors, censors, and publishers, the very hands that carry out acts of censorship. Exclusive: Facebook agreed to censor posts after Vietnam Facebook's local servers in Vietnam were taken offline early this year, slowing local traffic to a crawl until it agreed to significantly increase the censorship of "anti-state" posts for local

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Vietnam's new law tightens control of the internet. with companies practicing self-censorship. Vietnam's new law is "crucial" in the fight against cybercrime, said Vo Trong Viet, head of the