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Jun 11, 2020 com.sun.mail.smtp (JavaMail API documentation) mail.smtp.localhost: String: Local host name used in the SMTP HELO or EHLO command. Defaults to InetAddress.getLocalHost().getHostName(). Should not normally need to be set if your JDK and your name service are configured properly. mail.smtp.localaddress: String: Local address (host name) to bind to when creating the SMTP socket. Send email from a printer, scanner, or app - G Suite Admin Next to SMTP relay service, click Configure. Set up the SMTP relay service. See: SMTP relay: Route outgoing non-Gmail messages through Google; On your device or in your app, on port 25, 465, or 587, connect to 11 Paid and Free SMTP Server Solutions for Marketers and

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Literally give the SMTP Host name: the outgoing mail server reference you would put into an outlook account setup: System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient smtp = new System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient( "" );

[SOLVED] PHPMailer SMTP Error: Could not connect to SMTP host Possible Problem 3: Getting SMTP Connection Failure On A Shared Hosting Provider. If you are running your code on a shared hosting provider and trying to connect to some third-party SMTP provider like or and getting some errors like this; SMTP connect() failed. JavaMail API - SMTP Servers - Tutorialspoint SMTP uses TCP port 25. SMTP connections secured by SSL are known by the shorthand SMTPS, though SMTPS is not a protocol in its own right. JavaMail API has package com.sun.mail.smtpwhich act as SMTP protocol provider to access an SMTP server. Following …