The DNS resolver has DNS query forwarding on and so gets the DNS server from the general settings tab. Is there any way to change this from the command line as the VPN's DNS changes and I have to manually change this setting in the general settings tab.

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network manager - What is the proper way to change the DNS

How to configure the DNS in Unix and Linux servers For example, if you type command nslookup www, it will search it as For AIX Enable the name resolving using DNS as follows: Edit the file /etc/netsvc.conf so that the “host =” will be pointing to local and dns as in the following hosts=local,bind For Solaris and Linux, Enable the name resolving using DNS as follows:

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Oct 12, 2015 How To Set Permanent DNS Nameservers in Ubuntu and Debian Sep 14, 2018 8 Linux Nslookup Commands to Troubleshoot DNS Find out “A” record (IP address) of Domain. # nslookup Server: Address: … How To Change Hostname & Static IP address in CentOS 7 Set the Static IP address in CentOS 7. Now let’s see how to configure or change IP address, DNS, Gateway, Subnet, etc. in CentOS 7. For this change in the first place it is essential to know what is the network adapter that our machine has and for this, we can use the command