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Jun 11, 2020 · You need to visit Settings » WP Mail SMTP page and click on the ‘Email Test’ tab. Simply provide an email address that you can access in the send to field and click on the send email button. You will see a success message. You can now check your inbox to see a message with the subject line ‘WP Mail SMTP: Test Email to…’. The Account Settings Window will appear as shown below. Note: We will be making changes in 3 different sections of the Account Settings; under ‘Server Settings’, ‘Copies & folders’ and ‘Outgoing Server (SMTP)’. 3. On the left hand side, under your Account Name, click on ‘Server Settings’ (highlighted below). How to use Google’s free SMTP server as outgoing mail server? Yes Google’s Gmail offers a free SMTP server which can be used anyone who has Gmail account. Follow the steps given below to configure it. 1) Login to your Gmail account. If you do not have any Gmail account creates an account. 2) Click the button ‘Settings’. Simply enter your email credentials and IONOS email server settings in the program of your choice. You should Create a IONOS Email Address in IONOS first, if you have not done so already. Please note: Many email programs automatically detect your email server details and complete the setup without having to enter the data manually . If you’re using Mozilla Thunderbird as a mail client, it’s essential to configure your SMTP settings in order to correctly send emails out. An SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server is simply the machine that takes care of the email delivery process: every provider has its own, with a specific name and address. Apr 18, 2019 · Place with IMAP, SMTP, POP3 server settings for GMail which will allow you to setup any email client to access your messages. Enter the SMTP server we sent to you in your confirmation email, this is typically 'mail.authsmtp.com' We recommend that you use an alternate SMTP port such as 2525 rather than the default 25 so type ':2525' on the end of the SMTP server so that it reads as 'mail.authsmtp.com:2525' Other ports available are 23, 25, 26, 325 (non-SSL only).

SMTP is an abbreviation for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. SMTP is an Internet standard for electronic mail, i.e., email. All mail servers and other mail transfer agents use SMTP to send and receive emails. Firstly, we’ll take a look at the PHP mailer library we’re going to use. You can take this library as an alternative of mail() function

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