Jane Doe is a supervillain in the DC Comics universe. She is an enemy of Batman and The Great White Shark. She is a serial killer who constantly tries to kill people and takes their identities until she is satisfied with the one she is currently using.

Yonkers Jane Doe | Unidentified Wiki | Fandom Yonkers Jane Doe was a woman discovered murdered in 1992. She is one of two unidentified victims of serial killer Robert Shulman. Contents . Case . The victim was discovered in plastic bags near a Chinese restaurant. Shulman confessed to her murder, stating he picked the woman (a prostitute) up and brought her to his apartment, where the pair Bucks County Jane Doe (1988) | Unidentified Wiki | Fandom Bucks County Jane Doe, locally nicknamed as Publicker Jane Doe, was a girl or woman found deceased near a water distillery plant in January 1988 in Pennsylvania. The remains were found in January 1988, some time after the female died, most likely three years before. Many articles of clothing were found with the body, but it is unknown if it belonged to her. Jane Doe (disambiguation) | DC Database | Fandom

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Ms. Jane Doe was the teacher of Metro City's Lil' Gifted School for Lil' Gifted Kids.. History. Ms. Jane Doe first appeared when Metro Man (who then was known as "Metro Boy") spun her around in her desk, although she didn't seem bothered by it as kept laughing until she and the children saw Megamind and Minion at the door.. Some time later, when Megamind was showing the class his (possibly

'Jane Doe' is a placeholder name used by law enforcement (primarily in the United States and Canada) to refer to female victims, suspects or persons of interest in an investigation, whose identities are unknown or must be legally withheld. The male equivalent is 'John Doe'. Jane Doe | Blox Royale Wiki | Fandom