Websites are censored in China at the behest of the government and the ruling Communist Party. Any websites or apps that undermine Party rule, or have the potential to, are typically blocked. This consists largely of western news media, social networks, and sites built on user-generated content.

It mainly provides breaking news from across China and the world. It has 8 different language versions including English, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Japanese. 11 The site name CSDN is short for Chinese Software Developer Network. It was founded in 1999, it is the biggest portal for Chinese IT talents. 5 Ways to Bypass Internet Censorship and Filtering Jun 18, 2019 Know The Apps, Websites Blocked In China As a result of restrictions, many Chinese alternatives such as Baidu, Weibo, and others emerged as a successful option against those popular websites and apps. Here are some of the known websites and apps that are blocked in China. 1. Google Products (Photo by Fabrice COFFRINI / AFP) Most Popular Websites Blocked in China - LaowaiCareer Jun 28, 2016

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Indian Newspapers, Websites Inaccessible in China as VPNs

Google Has Not Explained What Led To A Glitch That Blocked 1 day ago · Google has not yet explained why a glitch in the online giant’s search function prevented users Tuesday from accessing the content of several news websites. A bug in Google’s site command function caused Breitbart, the Daily Caller, The Drudge Report, Newsbusters, and other news websites to vanish Tuesday morning, media reports show. The The Washington Post and The Guardian Websites Blocked in China