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Access point is a device connected with cable (Cat5) to your main router/modem/internet, and serving clients wirelessly. Repeater is a wireless network device that repeats wireless signals to extend range without being connected with cable to either your router/modem, or your clients. Many routers/access points can be configured in "repeater" mode.

In Repeater mode, the access point extends the range of an existing Wi-Fi network. This mode is suitable when you are in a Wi-Fi dead-zone or a place with weak wireless signal, and you want to have a larger effective range of the wireless signal throughout your home or office. 1. Log in the web-based management of the Access Point. Amazon.com: wired repeater

This will prevent your access point from fighting your router to assign IPs. Step 4 : Assign the WAN port to switch. This isn’t necessary, but it gives you an extra port later if you need it.

Use this project to create a Wi-Fi access point or repeater out of a Raspberry Pi so you can improve signal coverage while working from home or remotely on the road. In today’s modern life, wireless access to the internet is in many cases a necessity, though it’s not always guaranteed (even in the home). Fear not, we’ve got you covered. Difference Between a Wi-Fi Access Point & a Range Extender