Cloud storage service providers help businesses with cost and time-saving. In addition, they also bring mobility opportunities, simplify convenience and also enhance security. Whenever it comes to cloud storage solutions for businesses, three names come first in our mind, and they are as follows: Tresorit ; SpiderOak; Wuala

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Articles – Cloud Storage Reviews SpiderOak is a well-established provider and along with the now defunct Wuala, it has focused on offering a secure cloud storage solution. When Wuala was shut down in 2015, … [Continue Reading] Chinese Cloud Storage Services. There is a variety of providers that offer free cloud storage. Although free solutions provide a limited amount of

Dec 08, 2011

Wuala is a new way of storing, sharing, and publishing files on the internet. It enables its users to trade parts of their local storage for online storage and it allows us to provide a better service for free. In this Google Tech Talk, Dominik will explain what Wuala is and how it works, and he will also show a demo. Wuala Encrypted Cloud-Storage Service Shuts Down - Slashdot New submitter craigtp writes: Wuala, one of the more trusted cloud-storage services that employed encryption for your files, is shutting down. Users of the service will have until 15th November 2015 to move all of their files off the service before all of their data is deleted. From the announcemen Wuala – secure cloud storage - Blog Uptodown International Lacie, which manufacturers physical storage drives, now brings us Wuala, a secure cloud storage service. From all this, we come to the conclusion that the majority of cloud storage services are vulnerable and unsafe if they don’t have a sufficiently secure way to store our data. Seagate Shuts Down Wuala - StorageNewsletter