When you have the wildcard certificate and key in a PKCS12 file, just add them as a new identity certificate as shown below and then choose that new certificate instead of the old one under your remote access VPN configuration. As you can see in the screenshot, my ASA currently has a wildcard certificate installed.

Private Internet Access Certificate Expired Jul 18, 2020 SSLVPN Cerfificates expired, XTM Watchguard device Apr 29, 2018 Ignore Expired Certificate - SSL-Decryption | Fortinet Jul 29, 2019 Clients Cannot Authenticate with a Server After You Obtain

The IKE server can authenticate the other server's certificate to establish a connection to negotiate the encryption methodologies and algorithms the servers will use to secure the connection. You can use Digital Certificate Manager (DCM) to manage the certificates that your IKE server uses for establishing a dynamic VPN connection.

Sep 17, 2008 VPN: Importing a Certificate of Authority (CA) Certificate

How to check VPN certificate expiration date from command

COMODO/Sectigo Addtrust root CA expired 30th of May 2020 What can happen in certain cases is that you might have a certificate that is valid, but because the CA root certificate it chains to for verification is expired, you will still get a message saying that the certificate is expired or invalid. More information on the problem and possible solutions can be found here on the official Sectigo website: Connectivity: VPN Certificate Authentication Consult your VPN device documentation to determine the analogous steps for your device. Note: If your VPN device has an expired certificate, see Appendix - Replace an Existing Entrust Certificate on a Cisco Router for steps to update the certificate. In a browser, navigate to— VPN authentication options (Windows 10) - Microsoft 365