Jul 28, 2017

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Twitter has long had a sensitive content setting you can use for your profile. If you plan to share adult content, it's generally recommended that you enable this setting to avoid Twitter suspending your account. It's a way for Twitter to allow adult-themed profiles without needing to block the people who would like to use the site. Because of this, Twitter is one of the few social networks

If you want to get rid of your old Twitter handle and want to change it, you don’t need to deactivate your old account. You can simply, change your username just by logging into your Twitter account and opening the Account Settings.Deactivating your Twitter account will void your email address and username, and you won’t be able to use them to create your new account. How to Delete or Deactivate Your Old Twitter Account Jun 27, 2019

Connect to Twitter. Connect a Twitter account to enable the choice to tweet your new posts and display a link on your profile. We will never post to Twitter without your permission.

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