Local area connection network cable unplugged question

HP Notebook PCs - Solve Internet or LAN Connection Issues The network connection icon in the system tray indicates if the computer has a connection or , or does not have a connection or , to the network or to a cable service modem or DSL modem. If there is no icon, either the icon display is turned off (in XP), or the network driver is missing or corrupted. Solved: LOCAL AREA CONNECTION - CABLE UNPLUGGED. no Apr 13, 2011 Support - Wireless - Texas Wireless Internet

May 19, 2017

May 13, 2010 Cannot connect to the internet. Local Area Connection 2 Jul 16, 2015


wireless not working when ethernet is unplugged - TechRepublic But when the ethernet cable is unplugged the LAN shows network cable unplugged and the wireless shows connected but the internet stops working. I suggest that you DISABLE the Local Area laptop network problem - "a Network Cable unplugged" - Ars