Mar 18, 2020 · Collecting IMAP, POP3, and SMTP Details. While the latest version of Thunderbird automatically configures mail server protocols and ports on the first setup, you can tweak these account settings manually to improve email exchange security. To find the necessary information for the manual setup, and creating a new account, follow these steps: Thunderbird was created by Mozilla in 2004. It is a free, open-source email client that can be downloaded at If you need help finding your username and other configuration settings, see our article, Setting Up an Email Reader. Setting up your Email for Thunderbird on OSX Introduction. Mozilla Thunderbird is a free, open source, cross-platform e-mail and news client developed by the Mozilla Foundation. The following article will show you how to setup Thunderbird, the email application, with your email account(s) using the preferred IMAP protocol. Step-2: Setup GMAIL with your E-mail Client Program – After making the required changes to your Google Account settings, (as described in Step-1) proceed to add (setup) you GMAIL account to your e-mail client program (Outlook Thunderbird, iPhone Mail App, etc.). Outgoing Mail Settings. Server/Host:; Port number and security: 587 and select TLS/STARTTLS or 465 and select Use SSL Thunderbird users must select Authentication type OAuth2. Some Mac laptops use Port 587 in conjunction with the Override default port option (rather than 465 port); see Apple's online communities for details.

Thunderbird SMTP Email settings with Office 365 After a month I discovered on my own you have to set the outgoing SMTP port in Thunderbird to 80. I set it up and it worked for a month then it stopped working.

Apr 14, 2020 · Some of the features of AOL Mail aren't available when email messages are accessed from an email client. For example, if the client uses POP and is set up to delete email from the AOL Mail server after messages are downloaded, then the same emails won't be available to a client using IMAP (since IMAP depends solely on mail located on the server).

Jun 03, 2020 · SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is a protocol that’s used to send emails over the internet. It’s used by most email software to send outgoing mail. SMTP works with a Mail Transfer Agent (known as the SMTP relay) to make sure your emails are sent to the right mailbox.

Oct 05, 2019 · If you want to use an email client like Thunderbird or Outlook to send emails from your Gmail address, you need to enter the correct Gmail SMTP settings. While some email clients do this Thunderbird is a cross platform and open source email client. It supports POP, SMTP & IMAP protocols along with giving enormous functionality for email management, calendar, events etc. to the users. In the Account Settings dialog, in the left pane, select Outgoing Server (SMTP) from the bottom of the list. There may be an entry in the resulting list that was created when you entered your account details. Either edit that entry or add a new entry. As another example, a Gmail account is configured as follows: Server Name: Port On your computer, open Gmail. In the top right, click Settings See all settings. Click the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab. In the "IMAP access" section, select Enable IMAP. Click Save Changes. Step 2: Change SMTP & other settings in your email client. Use the table below to update your client with the correct information. Need to Backup Your Mweb Webmail account without Complex Settings. If you are in need to quickly backup your Mweb mails in easy steps and want to convert your all the mails into any other Email Applications Like Windows Live Mail, Lotus Notes, Zimbra, Thunderbird, ZIP, Gmail,, Yahoo, Rediffmail, Office 365, Exchange Server, Hosted Exchange Server, G Suite, IBM Verse, Amazon In order to add an email account to emails clients such as Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Zimbra or Windows 10 mail, eM Client, Apple Mail, Mailbird, Mailspring etc. You need a variety of information such as the account type, the name of the incoming and outgoing server and SSL and port settings.