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Contribute to nrdmn/ansible-freebsd-login-conf development by creating an account on GitHub. Please note that you will be charged each time a caller listens to the Digitized Replay. Also, there is a charge for any additional services ordered. © 2019 Airports Council International - North America 1615 L Street NW, Suite 300 / Washington, DC 20036 Phone 202-293-8500 / Fax 202-331-1362 2020 International Conference on Medical Material and Chemical Engineering. Jinan, China. http://www.mmce2020.org The default /etc/login.conf shipped with FreeBSD is an out of the box configuration. Whenever changes to this, or the user's ~/.login_conf, file are made, the modifications will not be picked up until cap_mkdb(1) is used to compile the file into a database.

But it requires a couple special configuration files login.conf and krb5.ini. The format is the login conf is described here: https:

Jun 13, 2018 · Oddly enough, there was different behavior between my X session and CLI. On CLI, UTF8 was applied properly, but oddly, the example (commented out) German lines in my ~/.login_conf were being read, so I commented those out, and then ensured that my X session was properly using the right locale, and it seems to be working now.

LOGIN.CONF(5) File Formats Manual LOGIN.CONF(5) NAME login.conf - login class capability data base SYNOPSIS login.conf DESCRIPTION The login.conf file describes the various attributes of login classes. A login class determines what styles of authentication are available as well as session resource limits and environment setup.

The content of the file (jaas.conf/login.conf) must include the accept and initiate sections as in the example below. c o m . s u n . s e c u r i t y . j g s s . k r b 5 . a c c e p t { c o m . s