Jan 21, 2019

How to change your address Change your address 1. Click on your profile picture or initial in the top right corner 2. Select Settings 3. Click the ACCOUNT tab 4. Scroll down to Profiles and click the blue Move to a new address link at the bottom of the page 5. Enter your new address 6. Click Save 7. Add or Change the Facebook Page Connected to You Business Add or Change the Facebook Page Connected to Your Instagram Business Account When you switch to a business account on Instagram, you'll be asked if you'd like to connect a Facebook Page. While it's not required, we recommend connecting your Facebook Business Page with Instagram to get the most out of Instagram's business tools.

How To Turn Off Your Location on Facebook (From a Computer

Right now Facebook users aren’t charged for the dating service, but that could change as it’s launched on a larger scale. Facebook execs have said they’ve been thinking about the idea for years, and began building the service in late 2017.

Oct 25, 2015

Can you fix an incorrect location on your Facebook map Locations on Facebook come from two spots. 1. You make them up. 2. You tag an already existing location from a page or a Facebook “location.” If you make up the location you have complete control over what the address, but you will need to go to the source to make the change. How to Add a Location to Facebook | ThriveHive