SonicWall has the functionality to allow remote users to connect to the network behind SonicWall using global VPN client software using IPSEC VPN protocol. This article focuses on the configuration of WAN Group VPN settings on the SonicWall appliance so that a remote computer can access the corporate network behind the SonicWall using the

How to Configure WAN GroupVPN using the Configuration Apr 20, 2015 GVC VPN Connection disables internet - SonicWall Community 1) You should have only 'WAN Remote Access Networks' as the VPN access. 2) Also, this NAT policy might be necessary for it to function correctly (assuming you are using X1 as the primary WAN connection) Original Source: GVC Pool. Translated Source: X1 IP. Original Destination: Any. Translated Destination: Original. Original Service: Any

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How can I configure WAN GroupVPN for - SonicWall Configure WAN Group VPN on the SonicWall. Login to the SonicWall management GUI. Click Manage in the top navigation menu. Navigate to VPN | Base Settings. Ensure that the Enable VPN and the WAN GroupVPN Enable check boxes are checked. Click configure icon for the WAN GroupVPN entry. The VPN Policy window is displayed. How can I configure WAN GroupVPN on SonicWall to connect

the idea of the wan group VPN is the client gets an IP from the sonicwall or other DHCP server on the private network. sure, you can configure a static IP on the vpn client, but through the configuration, you've made the sonicwall "aware" of the IP of the client so routing and firewall rules are applied appropriately.

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