Tissue Buffered 20x24" Acid Free Use Buffered Tissue for Protecting Papers . Over time most tissue paper will become acidic and brittle with age. The acidity will transfer to adjacent objects causing these objects to become weaker and possibly discolored. Acid free tissue papers are specially processed to remove such contaminants.

Buffered Acid Free Tissue Paper is packed flat with 960 sheets per package. Sheets measure 18x24". Shop NashvilleWraps.com for your wholesale gift, gourmet and retail packaging. Our 18x24" buffered 12# archival wrapping tissue paper is made from recycled bleached materials with an alkaline reserve of at least 3% calcium carbonate as a PH Buffer Buffered Tissue Paper - Conservation Resources Buffered Tissue Paper: You have 0 items in your cart. University Products: Description. Translucent tissue paper Smooth finish Buffered to pH 9-10 lignin free 20gsm; Features and Benefits. Suitable for paper based storage Excellent acid free tissue for stuffing, interleaving and separation wrapping Buffering with 3% calcium carbonate to help Unbuffered Acid-Free Interleaving Tissue - Lineco Unbuffered tissue is acid-free and is recommended for use with protein based materials such as leather, silk, and wool. Cyanotype, dry transfer or chromogenic prints also require unbuffered tissue. This tissue is an excellent choice for separating prints, drawings or lithographs and protecting artifacts.

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Hollinger Metal Edge - Since 1945! Buffered Acid-free Tissue Sheets. Our soft, thin tissue with a 3% calcium carbonate buffer (pH 8.5). Used to interleave papers, manuscripts, magazines, padding & interleaving certain types of textiles (cotton, linen or jute) and wrapping or cushioning many other artifacts. Acid Free Tissue Paper - Photos and Prints - Pfile.com Acid Free Tissue Shutterbugs, art collectors and collectors of vintage documents, garments and other items will know of the importance of acid-free archival tissue paper. Acid-free paper is either made without materials with acid, or has the acid removed, such as from wood pulp.

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Lineco Buffered Acid-Free Interleaving Tissue Paper pack This item Lineco Buffered Acid-Free Interleaving Tissue Paper pack of 100 sheets, 10 " x 15, White. TheLinenLady 75 Sheets 20"x30" Acid Free Archival Tissue Paper Lignin Free~ Protect Your HEIRLOOMS! Lineco Buffered Acid-Free Interleaving Tissue, Size 8x10, Pack of 100. Extends The Life of Paper, Photographs, Textiles, and Artifacts.